How Eve reacted to her mum, Snezana, finding love with The Bachelor’s Sam Wood

Perth local Snezana Markoski has found her Prince Charming in The Bachelor’s Sam Wood, and her daughter, Eve couldn’t be happier for her mummy.

By Chloe Lal
Snezana, along with the nation, was swept up in a whirlwind romance with The Bachie and we couldn’t be happier that she won… But there is one special lady’s opinion that matters more than any of ours – her nine-year-old daughter, Eve.
The little cutie was the only person aware that her mum had won the show and is very fond of the new father figure in her life.
“The three of us spent time in a little farmhouse, completely remote, playing board games and getting to know each other properly,” Sam revealed to the Daily Telegraph about their weekend away before the finale aired.
“It was a very small step in a very long road but it was beautiful.”
Snez couldn’t contain her delight over Eve’s reaction, either.
“She’s happy with how happy Sam makes me,” she said. “[And] I had no doubt that Sam would be amazing as a strong male role model in her life.”
During home visits, the adorable nine-year-old grilled her mum’s potential partner asking questions such as the capital of Macedonia (we think he’ll have to tattoo that onto his arm), his favourite food and if he liked One Direction.
But it all lead up to Snez’s mini-me asking one very important question: “How much do you like my mum out of ten?”
“You've gotta keep in mind that I've only known your mum for a little while... and we've only gone on three dates,” he said, keeping in mind he still was dating two other girls. But we should have known he found the one when flashed his signature grin, adding: “So I think about 9.4 out of ten!”
Sam and Eve have sparked up a great friendship.
The sweet school girl still needed to know more; after all she hadn’t seen her mum in nearly nine weeks! Eve asked the fitness guru what he liked about her mum.
“She's so pretty and she's funny and I just love being around her,” he gushed without hesitation.
The mum-of-one admitted she and Eve had been a twosome for as long as she could remember “but there's always room for that other person!”
And it seems like Eve couldn’t be happier with her mum’s choice, giving her Snez her tick of approval.
The finale, where Sam declared his love for Snez melted our hearts.
But it was the moment the sports trainer took to thank Eve for sealing his fate that made us all well up!
“I know it means looking after Eve. I know it was Eve who made you come on to this, who pushed you, and I will be forever in her debt so I got her a little something for you to give to her,” Sam said, as he presented Snez with a pretty silver necklace for her daughter.
Two become three! Sam is a welcome addition to the family.
"I can't believe what an incredible woman you are. You are so strong, you are so warm. You have the biggest heart that I've ever come across and I just love being around you. My heart skips a beat every time that I see you and I just feel so, so lucky that this crazy adventure has brought us together. You were the first girl that I met and you are the last girl because I've fallen madly in love with you. I love you so much," Sam professed to his new love.
“You are everything that I’ve ever dreamed of and everything and more than I could have ever expected. I think that you’ll make the most amazing role model for Eve,” Snez said passionately.
“You’re such an inspiration to me and I know that you’ll be that for her – someone who is so driven and someone who absolutely loves and adores her mum, it’s what I want in my life and in her life.”
Unexpectedly, we fell in love with another man during the finale – NSW premier Mike Baird.
Just as the finale began, the politician tweeted that he was at home "with the man-flu", and that his daughters had taken over the TV to find out who had won the coveted Zamel’s ring.
“Stuck at home on the couch with man-flu. Daughters have hijacked the TV and are watching The Bachelor. Going to be a loooong night,” he began a series of tweets.
Mike then continued to hilariously live tweet the night filled with many LOLs, life advice and even admitting his deputy Gladys Berejiklian was a HUGE fan of the show.
After eight weeks, over 20 dates and many red roses (and one white), Snezana was the 2015 winner of The Bachelor… while Mike Baird was the social media winner of the night!
Get ready to fall in love all over again with Sam Frost as The Bachelorette on Ten.

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