Samantha Frost’s final dig at Blake Garvey

We needn’t remind you what happened to Sam Frost last year on The Bachelor but as her own show,The Bachelorette, nears an end it seems she’s finally serving up Blake Garvey a slice of humble pie.

By Blake Nadilo
Watching Sam Frost on The Bachelorette is like seeing your old friend finally put down the cookie dough ice cream and get back on the dating scene after devastating heartbreak.
So last night on the dating show when the 26-year-old delivered an excellent sledge to the man who broke her heart in front of the nation last year, the living rooms of Australia were bursting with pride.
In an intense round of interrogation by the family of contestant Richie during a visit to his hometown of Perth, the brunette beauty was asked if she was, “over what happened last year.”
And her response was one for the history books.
“I honestly thought that I was starting this, but realising now how far I have come doing this I was still a bit fragile at the start,” she said. “It makes you realise that you put up with rubbish relationships and getting treated awful. You just go ‘I can't believe I was going to settle for that when there are people like Richie in the world’.”
Blake Garvey proposed to Sam Frost on last year's season of The Bachelor.
You don’t even need to be a Bachelor enthusiast to know that Sam Frost was referring to the devastating moment last year, when Blake Garvey proposed to her in front of the whole country, only to dump her for the woman who took out third place on the reality show.
It would seem now though, Miss Frost has gotten the last laugh after not only winning the hearts of the boys in The Bachelorette, but also the whole of Australia’s hearts too!

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