From the unrequited to the fated: 11 romance novels that explore love in all its forms

Find your addictive Valentine's Day read.

By Faye Couros
Popular culture has so much content about love that it feels like we'll never run out of things to say about humanity's most sought-after emotion.
However, nothing is sweeter than fiction.
While we can't possibly experience every type of love story possible in our lives, because, for one, that would be exhausting and second time is a finite resource, we can read!
Whether it was a beach read that exceeded expectations, a classic like Pride and Prejudice, or a guilty pleasure like Twilight, every reader has that book with a love so clearly written, it feels like it's almost happening.
These page-turners are so romantically captivating, all responsibilities get thrown out the window, the pages are unashamedly stained, and they breed an obsession akin to falling in literal love.
On theme for Valentine's Day, here are 11 books with or about romance that will take over your life – for better or for worse.