"Reality ruined our romance" The Bachelor's Blake and Sam tell all!

After Sam accepted Blake’s proposal at the final rose ceremony, his feelings for the blonde beauty changed and he called off the engagement, leaving her utterly heartbroken. And the question on everyone’s lips is what went wrong?

Woman’s Day can now reveal that despite their whirlwind romance, the reality was far from the happily ever after they wanted.

In our exclusive interview after calling off the engagement just days before the final episode aired, Blake revealed it was due to a “combination of factors”.

“Being back in reality, in a long-distance relationship, having unfiltered contact and really getting to know each other more,” the real-estate auctioneer confessed.

“It highlighted that Sam is someone I absolutely love and care for but not in the way of a romantic partner. I realised there was a change over the six weeks – the chemistry changed.

“It didn’t feel like what I expected or hoped for. I had an idea of how we’d be together and I went on my gut instinct. I had fears and doubts like anyone and unfortunately they were realised.”

Meanwhile, a clearly "blindsided" Sam admits she was in complete "shock" when Blake called it quits after just six weeks.

Exclusively telling Woman's Day she often "felt lonely" during their brief engagement, Sam says she now feels no desire to speak to Blake or face him about the breakup. “I put a lot into it and I really tried.”

On finding out he was calling it off, the heartbroken 25-year-old reveals, “I burst into tears to be honest. I’m so numb at the moment. Just trying to process it all.

“I was completely blindsided. At the end of the day I think he was too confused emotionally to know what he wanted."

For the full interview, see this week’s Woman’s Day on sale Monday October 6.

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