*My Story: Dannii Minogue*

It’s tempting to scour little sis Dannii’s autobiography for headlining scraps about Kylie. And, of course, there is the time territorial Kylie sticks black tape down the middle of their shared childhood bedroom to keep her adoring sibling at bay and the time that Dannii ratted on Kylie to Mum when big sis snuck out in spray-on skinny jeans and blue eyeliner for a pash with her boyfriend at the 10 pin bowling alley!
Yet this confessional is much more about the communal fighting spirit of the Minogue family. How Dannii held a dignified silence during a casting out by ex-husband Julian McMahon’s mother. “Lady Sonia McMahon wanted nothing to do with me … my engagement to her son was the worst piece of news Sonia could possibly have had – I simply wasn’t good enough.” How Dannii ended the marriage in terrible debt, having paid for “virtually everything”. How she spiralled from a teen magazine’s Best New Artist to Worst Female Artist in a year. And then the chapter devoted to “My Sister" that deals with Kylie’s breast cancer.
Now with Myer model partner Kris Smith and baby Ethan, the “final” chapter comes full circle to Scoresby in Melbourne, the suburb where life began and dubbed a “battler’s area” by Dannii’s dad. It certainly gave the Minogue sisters a battler’s start in life.

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