My Best Friend's Wedding is getting a remake!

This is not a drill.

For those of you that have been wishin’ and hopin’ and saying a little prayer for another taste of the 90s classic My Best Friend’s Wedding, you are in luck!
US TV station ABC have announced they are developing a script for a TV show that will follow the iconic story of shy food critic Julianne and her secret love Michael (and, of course, her other best friend, George).
The show, if given the go-ahead, will be written by the original 1997 film’s writer and Academy Award winner, Ron Bass, alongside Jessica Amento.
The executive producers of the film, Jerry and Janet Zucker, will team up with the director and Mike Menchel, meaning that the show will be a perfect reflection of the film
According to EW, the show will pick up where the film ended, with Julianne navigating New York City as a single woman, alongside her friend (and occasional fiancé), George.
Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett probably won’t be returning to reprise their roles, with the show set to hire a new cast of actors to take up the mantle.
This reboot comes after a string of sequels, remakes and adaptions were announced this year, including Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Baywatch and The Notebook - what a time to be alive!
Relive the magic of the original film with the clip below!

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