MKR scandal: It's been one big act!

They call it reality TV but there’s nothing authentic about it. As you settle in for finale night, our on-set spies reveal what really happens behind the scenes…

They’re fed storylines

There’s really no difference between MKR and a soapie like Home And Away – there’s a script and contestants must follow it. “During post-production interviews, producers bring with them a script from which they prompt contestants what to say and how to react,” we’re told.

The final dishes are also cooked by chefs

A group of chefs cook copies of the finalists’ dishes so there is enough to taste-test.
“When the meals are served, you’re not advised which are original and which are replicas,” our source reveals.

They don’t cook at their real homes

It’s no wonder some teams struggle to find their way around the kitchen – it’s not theirs. Teams cook in hired or borrowed homes that meet the producers’ strict criteria.

They get sent to cooking school

Yes, you read correctly. Teams don’t even have to know how to cook in order to be accepted on to the show. “They’re sent to weekly classes at Simon Johnson Cooking School,” says our source.

We reveal more MKR secrets in this week's Woman's Day, on sale Monday April 28, 2014.

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