Aussie Survivor contestant tells: “I beat postnatal depression to go on Survivor”

Determined El is devoted to her son Darcy.

Four years ago, after the birth of her son Darcy, army corporal El’s life was turned upside down by postnatal depression.
“It was life-changing. I went to a really, really dark place and was having silent panic attacks,” recalls the Australian Survivor contestant.
“I got put on antidepressants and everything got worse before it got better. I felt completely stripped of my identity.”
Admitting she was struggling was the first step to recovery.
“Straightaway I knew there was something wrong,” she says.
El couldn't be more proud of her son Darcy.
“I had to move in with my mum because my husband at the time was going through a bit of stuff as well. But I wanted to get better and I knew happiness was on the other side. It was during those moments I said if I ever get out of this I’m going to commit my life to helping others in need.”
Since then El, 33, who has split from her husband, kept her promise to help those in need.
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