The Bachelorette: Meet Sam Frost’s bachelors

It’s a new dawn for Sam Frost and we finally get to meet the 14 suitors vying for her heart.

By Chloe Lal
Sorry Blake but it looks like you’ve been replaced by 14 dashing guys who all want to fall in love with everyone’s favourite gal next door, Sam Frost.
Soon we’ll be bidding adieu to Sam Wood and on September 23rd Sam Frost will be doing her very best to fall in love, again.
If you’ve compelled yourself to forget the injustice Miss Frost faced, let’s remind you.
After winning The Bachelor last year, Blake Garvey broke Sam’s (and our) heart when he took back his proposal and dumped her in spectacular fashion.
“When Blake broke up with me, it was so devastating and humiliating that I didn’t leave the house,” Sam reflected in her Bachelorette promo.
Sam is on a mission to find love.
“To have all the media scrutiny and everyone in Australia knowing about what had happened. And he did absolutely break my heart.”
But fear not, because Sam is back and better than ever… And she’s also answered the age old question: the former Blonde definitely shows us that this Brunette does have more fun!
“I want to find a man who will love me for everything I am, and everything I’m not — someone who is genuine, down to earth and has great values,” she said.
“I’m really excited about this next stage of my life and believe the right man for me is just around the corner.”
Without further ado: Serving up 14 piping hot suitors:
The lucky blokes all vying for Sam's affections.
Alex, 35, financial consultant, NSW
“I think I’ll stand out for my wise ways, accent, charm and manners.”
Dave B, 30, plumber, NSW
“It’s an adventure and maybe at the end of it all, I’ll walk away with a partner.”
Davey, 25, carpenter, NSW
As the youngest bachelor in the house, Davey describes his worst habit as being annoying and too "full-on". “I’m a big softie at heart when it comes to a relationship. I become a WOM (woman over mates).”
David, 31, international model, VIC
We’d watch out for this guy…he says, “I’m easy to get along with, honest, always up for adventure and a good listener.” But we’re hesitant!
Drew, 31, sleep technician, QLD
“Ultimately I’ll know if someone’s right because I’ll think she’s amazing, and if I’m right for her, she’ll think I’m amazing.”
Kayne, 25, mining electrician, WA
“I think I’m pretty funny and will have a laugh at anything.”
Kieren, 28, exercise psychologist, VIC
“Some people say that I’m a little too relaxed and this may be true, but I think being relaxed is good in life.” Plus he loves Taylor Swift!
Luke, 28, marketing manager, NSW
“My approach to life is to never turn your back on an opportunity in any form and always remain open-minded.”
Michael, 34, professional football player, QLD
“I’ll just be myself. Last I checked, there is only one of me on the planet.” We think Michael could be a front runner… his parents have been married for 42 years.
Richie, 30, professional abseiler, WA
"I am so competitive. I can’t even enter into any game or sporting event without almost embarrassing myself in trying to win.”
Sasha, 30, construction manager, NSW
Sam seemed to be VERY flustered over Sasha and we totally get it! “I would like to think I’m the only Bachelor that will be able to make a rose out of an array of paper napkins.”
Shane, 27, charity ambassador, QLD
“I’m happy and fun with a big heart and open mind.”
Tony, 32, airline cabin manager, QLD
“Despite what my exterior says, I am a hopeless romantic who wants a girl to love and spoil.”
Will, 31, musician, WA
“It was either [The Bachelorette] or stay at home and being single and lonely. Being thrown into a pit with a bunch of other dudes fighting over the last woman on earth seemed like a good idea."
Prepare yourself for a roller-coaster of emotions!
The Bachelorette Australia starts on Wednesday September 23 at 7pm.

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