Married At First Sight’s Jess shows off her revenge body

Revenge is a dish best served cold, as Jess knows only too well.

After being dumped by husband Dave because of her body confidence issues, the banking officer has revealed her svelte new shape on social media.
“I’m pretty proud of myself,” she says, two years after beginning her weight-loss journey.
“It’s been a lot of work cutting out a lot of crap, and a lot of training, but it’s also cutting the negative people out of my life that has made the biggest change.”
Speaking on the Today Extra, Jess revealed that despite calling time on her blind marriage, she still believes in love.
WATCH: Jess talks about her time on the show. Post continues after the video!
As for her dynamic with Dave she revealed, "I think that the way he treated me was judgmental, to be honest."
During their honeymoon, Jess admitted she had some body hang-ups.
“I’m a bit self-conscious around people in my swimmers. I’m confident in every other way, except when it comes to showing my body,” she confided in her husband.
Take that, Dave!
An unsympathetic Dave explained to Jess that since he lost weight and gained a six-pack he had found confidence.
Reflecting on his comments, Jess admitted she was “flawed.”
"So this is first time I've ever been able to see how far I've come. The left was 2 years ago where I thought I looked pretty good and the right hand side is about 2 weeks ago," Jess shared on Instagram.
“I was thinking, ‘wow!’ The fact is I’m so confident! That’s a hard thing for me to say and be like ‘this is my vulnerability.' I just had to shut that down. I just thought 'ouch!' What kind of person does that?”
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