Married At First Sight's Christie talks life after the show

From the farm to fashion week – things have certainly changed for Christie Jordee since Married At First Sight stopped filming.

By Bella Brennan, Jessica Maggio and Tessa Rex
But the star tells Woman’s Day one thing has remained the same – her bond with partner Mark Hughes.
Speaking at the Steven Khalil show in Sydney on Tuesday night, the reality star admitted that long distance was tough however the pair are determined to make it work.
"I’m back from the farm! [It’s a] massive difference feeding calves to now sitting here,” the DJ-turned-business-owner explained.
With Mark based on a farm in remote Victoria and Christie running her cleaning business from Sydney, long distance was always the pair’s biggest challenge on the controversial dating show.
“It’s hard, it’s difficult. My business is lacking a little bit so I’ve told him he needs to get his butt up here now,” Christie said, hinting that perhaps a move is on the cards for the gentle-natured country bloke.
As for whether we can expect any baby news soon following fevered speculation in April that she may be with child, Christie expertly avoided the question by letting out a big giggle.
The reality star looked stunning in a black top and high-waisted red skirt as she attended the Bianca Spender Show at Sydney Fashion Week on Tuesday.
Last month, the unlikely lovers, along with Erin and Bryce, became the poster couple of the show after deciding they wanted to give their romance a red-hot go.
During the dramatic finale, Mark admitted he was nervous about what to do with their opposing lifestyles but their connection is what matters most.
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"I think you're awesome and we work perfectly together. Obviously we come from two different worlds, two different lifestyles. I feel like I have to give up my life in order for us to be together. You are an amazing person but I can't let you go either," Mark said at the time.
Although they're yet to figure out the geographical specifics Christie said the most important thing is that he makes her laugh.
"I think I am falling in love! From the moment I saw him I wasn't too sure. He makes me laugh so much. I'm always happy when I'm around him," she mused, proving sometimes a relationship can be a slow-burner," she mused during the show's last episode.
Making it work! The city slicker and farmer are determined to make their long distance love go the distance.

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