MAFS’s Michael didn’t tell wife Bella about his son until their honeymoon

The affectionate couple endured their first real shock while another hit a serious bump in the road…

By Katie Skelly
First comes marriage, then comes love?
It would seem that fashion accessories designer Michael and his new bride Bella are well and truly on their way to saying those magic three words.
Following their wedding, which was filled with instant attraction and non-stop affection, the genetically-blessed couple made their way to Port Douglas for a sunny honeymoon.
The newlyweds couldn’t keep their hands to themselves as they enjoyed each other’s company.
In fact, they barely left their bungalow, opting to spend their time focusing on their sizzling chemistry, where they spent plenty of time kissing and cuddling, straight from their marital bed.
"I’ve never felt a connection like this with anyone before," says a smitten Bella.
Bella, a 30-year-old radio host from Queensland, wasn’t hesitant to admit that her relationship with Michael, tops all her past flings.
“So far, what him and I have is the best thing that I’ve ever had. I’m not going to say goodbye to that.”
But what she didn’t know, was that her hubby was about to drop a bomb, in the shape of a six-year-old boy, that he shares with a former partner who lives in New Zealand.
“I just hope Bella feels connected enough with me to accept me for who I am and all of me which is my son as well,” he said nervously before finally confronting his spouse.
Michael knew it was time to finally tell his wife the truth, but he had his concerns. "If Bella wasn’t accepting of me having a son, we wouldn’t have a future together –or a relationship, really."
“I did want to talk to you about something… I guess so much has been happening and everything’s been going so well,” he began.
“I do have a little boy actually, I have a son. He’s six year’s old – he’s amazing.”
Bella appeared visibly shocked by the unexpected news, but she was quick to reassure that Michael’s son was not a dealbreaker.
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However since the show’s airing, fans are speculating that this may not be the whole truth.
Speaking recently to The Fix, the blonde beauty revealed that as of right now, she’s certainly not looking to start a family.
“I don't want kids, it's not really ever been in my plan."
“I don't know how I'm going to feel in five or 10 years' time, but definitely it's all been about my career.”
"I gotta be honest... It was kind of a shock."
The radio personality then went on, speaking about the pressures of women in general to settle down and start a family.
“Like, why do women have to have kids?” she asked.
“Why can't we just have a life that's full of you and your husband, holidays and sex and all the awesome things that come with a relationship?”
Another couple is facing some issues of their own.
Meanwhile, another couple may have hit their breaking point.
Craig and Andy, the series’ first ever same sex couple, have had a bit of a rocky start to their marriage.
Firstly, they weren't exactly on the same page with their first impressions – Craig was thrilled, saying that “he wouldn’t want to change a thing”, unfortunately, Andy admitted that his new husband wasn’t his usual type.
Things were running smoothly for the newlyweds at their wedding reception, until, Craig introduced an unsuspecting Andy to his ex-boyfriend of 13-years. An event which he deemed “a dealbreaker”.
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Sadly for the couple, they've hit yet another bump in their road, this time in the first days of their Christchurch honeymoon.
In Monday night’s dramatic episode, a fed up Craig packed his bags before fleeing the couple’s honeymoon suite due to a lack of affection from his husband.
“We're on top of the mountain living the dream and he doesn't even want to touch me,” 41-year-old Craig said, adding: “He doesn't even want to kiss me.”
“I thought I was married to someone, I didn't realise I had to win him over.”
Craig has had enough.
But despite Craig’s request for more attention, Andy stood his ground.
“I just want to take things slowly,” he said. “I find it really difficult to let people in.
“I generally keep them at arm's distance until I give them my trust and they've earned my trust.”
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This didn’t sit well with Craig, who after feeling rejected over and over, decided that now was the time to call it quits.
“I'm very sensitive and very emotional, and if my needs aren't being met I sort of, I walk away.”
Will this couple give it a second shot? Only time will tell!
Can Craig and Andy work through their differences?

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