Sex and the City's Kristin Davis is NOT happy with awkward Sunrise sketch

It's pretty clear that Charlotte York did not approve of Samantha Armytage and co's antics.

Kristin Davis was left extremely unimpressed this morning after appearing on Channel Seven’s Sunrise.

She appeared on the show to promote her work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, but rather than talk about the issue at hand, it appeared that Sunrise was more interested in talking about her role in Sex and the City, which ended in 2004.

Following video of Kristin’s 2015 work in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, the brekkie TV crew then aired a scene in which Kristin's character suffered explosive diarrhea in the first Sex and the City movie - despite her begging them not to.

And if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Sam was joined by fellow hosts Natalie Barr and Edwina Bartholemew to re-enact a cafe scene from the TV series, in what’s been described as some of the worst TV ever.

Donning wigs to play Carrie, Miranda and Samantha, a visibly uncomfortable Kristin began reading through the script.

“I want you to know that I have never done this,” the brunette said at the end of the sketch.

“I don’t know that this is a great idea, frankly. No offence.”

Kristin was visibly not amused, as Nat Barr tried to get into character as Miranda Hobbes.
Kristin was visibly not amused, as Nat Barr tried to get into character as Miranda Hobbes.

Despite her professionalism as the train-wreck television played out, Kristin then took to Twitter to hint at her disappointment.

In response to a now deleted photo of the set tweeted by Sunrise and captioned with “What’s going on here?” Kristin said “I could ask you the same thing.”

Fans flocked to Twitter to show their support for Kristin.

In one reply, Kristin said “Hopefully someone will let me talk about @Refugees.”

Sunrise released a statement following the backlash: “We are Sex and the City fanatics at Sunrise. Our obsession may have gotten the better of us. We apologise for the bad acting and terrible costumes and we thank Kristin for being such a good sport. She is one of the most gracious stars we’ve had at Brekky Central.”

Samantha also jumped in on the social chat with a photo of her and Kristin, captioned “With the divine @iamkristindavis #charlotte at @sunriseon7 <3 looking forward to chatting again tomorrow #UNHCR.”

Watch the awkward encounter in the video at the top of this story.

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