“We have heated moments!” Jessie J breaks silence on THAT feud with Delta Goodrem

It might be over for another season but this year’s The Voice brought more drama than ever before. And now, winning judge Jessie J gets candid about her feud with co-star Delta Goodrem.

By Blake Nadilo
After their huge win last night, Jessie J and newly crowned Voice champ Ellie Drennan sat down with us to reveal what’s next and reflect on one of the most dramatic seasons yet.
Just minutes after their win, and clearly in celebration mode, Ellie and Jessie sat down to debrief over an epic season of The Voice.
Following Delta and Jessie's very public moment of reconciliation during the finale, which included a warm embrace as if to bury their past woes, Woman's Day couldn’t help but ask the Bang Bang hitmaker how she really felt about the Aussie songstress and their ongoing feud.
“It’s all real, we have heated moments,” Jessie J told us.
The 27-year-old added: “It is what it is, people are always going to make a thing of two women, me and Delta are very strong women. And we get on really well but we debate too and we both have very strong opinions and I think it’s really cool for people to see that not everyone is the same.”
During the ladies' kiss-and-make-up moment, the British bombshell explained that when she frowns it actually means she is enjoying a performance.
The former Neighbours star then quipped, “If you just told me that at the start we would have been fine.”
“I think having completely different coaches, with very different careers, very different music, is interesting and I loved working with all of the artists,” Jessie explained to Woman's Day.
Jessie J and Ellie Drennan got along like sister in our chat!
Before continuing: “Ricky, I swear I just fell in love with him, when he like leans on his chair – it’s my favourite thing to watch and I’m going to miss that. The Maddens I’ve become very close with and Delta is wicked man, we laugh every week… I’m gonna miss them.”
For 16-year-old Ellie Drennan though, who is the youngest ever winner of The Voice, her mind was in a totally different space – most likely preoccupied deciding how to spend her newly acquired $100,000 cheque.
The teen, who is the youngest ever contestant to win the reality show, explained that she was going to take some time off her schooling, “Yeah, I think I just want to focus on my music.”
While Jessie discussed the “tough love” approach to the state of their relationship now that the series is over.
“I’m all about tough love, I’ve held Ellie’s hand this whole time but I can’t be here all the time, I have to go do my career and Ellie has to survive on her own,” the Price Tag singer revealed.
She continued: “I’m a phone call away, I’m a WhatsApps away, I’ll always be here for advice I’ve always said that to you, but this is it now, big girl world.”

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