Janey, Tiffany and Tolyna leave The Bachelor

Roses, roller derby and that missed kiss with Megan! Tonight's episode of The Bachelor was brimming with drama but it just wasn't meant to be for Tiffany, Tolyna and Janey.

By Bella Brennan and Kietley Isrin
The clear front-runner, however, was WA local Megan. The 27-year-old scored a sky-high single date, which saw them suspended on a hanging picnic above the ocean. Later, Richie and Megan enjoyed a more down-to-earth catch up on the ground where it took two attempts to kiss each other.
Ultimately, Richie sent Tiffany, Tolyna and Janey home. Woman's Day caught up with two of the booted beauties to talk about the reality show.
Janey, 27, children's entertainer
Were you hoping Richie was going to be this year's Bachelor?
Absolutely! That’s the main reason I’d said yes. I just thought he was so sweet.
Were you disappointed to be sent home so early on?
I was disappointed but I didn’t want to be there if Richie didn’t want me to be there. The whole point of the show is to find love. If he’s not going to find that with me, then obviously I want to be sent home.
It is disappointing obviously that it didn’t work out and there wasn’t that spark. I can’t blame anyone for the fact that there wasn’t. That’s the part that’s disappointing, you put your whole life on hold, you start to think of all the possibilities, what could happen… obviously I get very carried away sometimes but I like that about myself.
Were you worried about your portrayal on the show?
I said no to doing the show before because I was so nervous about it. I’d applied but I chickened out twice before! But because I thought it was going to be Richie [on season four], I was like OK! I think I really wanted to do this because I really wanted to meet him.
I’ve been so worried I would look like a bitch on TV and then I’m like, why would I think that? If you don’t say mean things, they can’t show you saying mean things! As much as I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, this is exactly what I’m like.
Did you get on with the other girls?
I really do love everyone that I met there. I celebrated my birthday in the house and we had a Mexican fiesta and everyone wore Disney princess crowns and we had rainbow ice cream cake. It was so cool! It will be such an awesome memory – my birthday in The Bachelor mansion!
Who do you think will win Richie's heart?
It’s so exciting because I don’t know and I don’t want to know because I love the show so much! I almost was embarrassed seeing how much he liked Megan, the way he looked at her. I was like wow! If I had have been able to see that moment on the night, I would have been like 'I’ll just leave now.' He didn’t look at me like that! He has a lot of chemistry with Alex.
Have you met your prince charming?
I have not! It’s great because I feel like this show will save me a lot of time, I can be like well that’s what you’ll be singing up for.
"It is disappointing obviously that it didn’t work out," Janey tells us.
Tiffany, 29, training administrator
What were your first impressions of Richie?
I thought he was very handsome, he had a big smile on his face and he was very warm and welcoming. He is my type just maybe a little more clean cut. I didn’t get to know him that well but from what I saw on The Bachelorette I liked that he was awkward and goofy.
How did you feel when he sent you home?
I was pretty shocked, I was surprised. I just thought that I wasn’t going to be going home that early.
What were your thoughts on the other girls?
I was really quite intimidated by being surrounded by so many beautiful, intelligent and inspiring women. It made me very nervous.
Watch Richie talk about this season of The Bachelor in the player below. Post continues after the video!
How was living with 20 other girls?
I actually had so much fun! I think that off camera was a lot more fun than being on camera. It was like a big, college dorm. It was a lot of fun!
A lot of previous cast members say the house is full of sweet treats, was it hard not to indulge?
All of that kind of food is there if you want it, I am a bit of a chocoholic so the Nutella jar was often in my hand. We did have a gym and among the girls there was a yoga instructor and a personal trainer. I do a lot of exercise anyway, I do the Kayla Itsines program so I kept doing that while I was in there.
Who do you think will win?
It’s gotta be either Alex or Nikki, [they both have] early chemistry and he gives them the most attention and time.
Tiffany reveals she sacrificed her full-time job to appear on the show.
Do you have any regrets?
When I first left the house I’d actually given up a promotion and my job. To go on the show, I couldn’t take the promotion. I went on [the show] and lost my job, which meant that for the sake of only being on there for a couple of weeks and not even getting the chance to really know him. When I first left, I felt like I’d been short-changed. After leaving, I went travelling for three months. I met amazing people, it was a good experience overall. I can’t regret it now.
Have you met anyone special?
I am still single!
The Bachelor Australia returns tomorrow night at 7:30pm on Channel Ten
Tolyna was also evicted on Wednesday night's episode.

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