The drama never ends on The Bachelor as one “insecure” girl is left in a flood of tears

Here’s a tip: if you’re a contestant of The Bachelor and you feel like you’re not getting enough attention then simply burst into tears.

By Blake Nadilo
At just two episodes in The Bachelor already has the whole nation talking and with drama like this, it’s no wonder!
“I am feeling a bit insecure. I am too much for everyone. I wouldn't date me,” 33-year-old Jacinda told the other girls before removing herself from the cocktail party to let it all out.
As she sat on the couch in the midst of an ugly-cry inside the lavish mansion, the Bachelor, Sam Wood, spotted her and decided to approach.
“I was walking past and I heard someone in tears… She seemed a little bit embarrassed. I didn't know if I should comfort her or leave her by herself,” Sam explained to the cameras.
Through the tears Jacinda recalled the event to the cameras, “I was bawling my eyes and nose out and here comes handsome Sam to witness my pathetic breakdown.”
Sam, who works with children, is no stranger to tears and knew just what to say to one of the tearful girls vying for his love, “We had a ball yesterday. You're Hurricane Jacinda,” he said to calm her down.
The brunette beauty revealed later: “He was wonderful… But now he's seen me crying I'm really worried I'll be sent home tonight.”
The remaining girls on The Bachelor 2015.
However that was not at all the case, Jacinda was awarded with the very first rose of the night while three other girls got sent home.
The crying did not go unnoticed by some of ladies though, with one of the favourites, Emily, telling producers: “Some of the girls are quite aggressive about spending time with him.”
Meanwhile, the first group date of the season was a huge success and make sure to check out the stunning photos the ladies took with Sam in Monday’s issue of Woman’s Day.

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