Home and Away's Lincoln Younes talks leaving the show: "I’m going to miss it"

As Summer Bay mourns the loss of bad boy turned good Casey Braxton, we take a look back at all the fun times Lincoln Younes shared with his co-stars on and off-screen.
The 22-year-old, who joined the show as one of three river boys alongside Steve Peacock and Dan Ewing in 2011, is now set to star in Channel Nine's popular historical drama Love Child.
Of shooting his emotional final scenes, for Home and Away, Lincoln said it was "very special."
“For me, I’ve had the most amazing time in terms of storytelling. I’ve been very, very fortunate in the storylines that I have been given," he said
When asked what his favourite film location was, the hunky star said the outback.
"It was a once in a lifetime film shoot and it was the most intense week but we got to go to a place which I don’t think many people have gone to," he said
“The London stuff obviously. Getting to travel for your work and getting paid for it and have fun was the best experience and I feel very fortunate to have been a part of that.
“I have loved every second of this show and I’m going to miss it a lot."

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