Your dreams have come true! The Gilmore Girls is getting a remake

Pack your bags boys and girls, we’re heading back to Stars Hollow to visit some old friends.

By Blake Nadilo
Everybody take moment to concentrate on your breathing - because this is not a drill. Showbiz bible The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the beloved show Gilmore Girls TV show is being remade.
It says the streaming service Netflix is in talks with the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino about bringing back Rory and Lorelai - played by Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham respectively – for four 90-minute episodes.
An insider added that the production will begin early next year.
Although there is no word yet on whether Hollywood super-star Melissa McCarthy will revive her role as Sookie, it is understood that Lauren, Alexis, and Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes, will return for the remake.
TV Line have reported that the series creator Amy is looking forward to returning to the show so she can end it the way she intended.
Amy left the show before its final season began because of failed contract negotiations with Warner Bros.
Longtime fans will know that since the show’s conception, its creator had the final four words the characters will speak planned – but due to her leaving the show it never came to fruition. This revival means we’ll FINALLY get to hear that mysterious last sentence!After seven seasons, Gilmore Girls closed up shop eight years ago, so it’s safe to say its very loyal following is ecstatic about the news.

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