Georgia Love and Lee Elliott's first TV interview since The Bachelorette

In her first appearance since The Bachelorette wrapped, Georgia Love is speaking out about losing her mother just two days after the finale aired.

Not even "bittersweet" could describe the anguish Georgia Love faced 48 hours after she could go public with the love of her life, Lee Elliott.
Confessing she'd fallen “so madly” for her man, the TV presenter was given the heart-wrenching news that her mum, Belinda, had lost her battle to pancreatic cancer.
The new couple have now made their first TV appearance since The Bachelorette finale.
Talking to Carrie Bickmore and the Project panel, Georgia explained what it was like to go through such extreme events in a matter of hours.
"In the space of 24 hours we went from one of the happiest moments, where we could finally actually be in the same room together and tell everybody how we feel and be able to relax. And literally 24 hours later I got the worst phone call of my life," she said.
"I mean, talk about highs and lows."
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Coming off the reality show, the 28-year-old was faced with the question whether she regrets filming the show during her mum's final months.
"It's been incredibly difficult, but it would have been made so much more difficult if Lee hadn't have been there. So there are silver linings," she admitted.
“You know, you can look back at any point of your life and go, well, I was away for two months travelling there or a year working there, but if I had not have gone on The Bachelorette I wouldn’t have had Lee but I would have still been in Tassie, I would have been further away from my mum."
Before adding, "So you know, I don’t regret anything that happened... And my mum absolutely supported me 100 per cent in doing this, and in everything I did."
Georgia, pictured with her sister and father, is urging all well-wishers to make a donation to Pancare
And it's clear that Lee has been Georgia's rock during this entire ordeal, in fact the tradie even threatened to break his confidentiality agreement with Channel 10 so that he could be with Georgia as her mum's condition worsened.
This support has carried through with the 35-year-old campaigning for Pancare, a foundation raising much needed awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer.
Georgia Love's beau has organised a lunch with nearly every single Bachelorette boy from this season.

Sadly our main man Matty J can't attend, but he has shared his support on social media!
The twelve highest bidders in the Pancare auction will share two hours at Morris Jones Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Melbourne with the bachelors... and who knows, you may find your Prince Charming?
So how do you get a seat at this year's hottest luncheon? Head to www.pancare.org.au/attend-event/chance-dine-bachelorette-boys/

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