Watch: The trailer for the final ever episode of Downton Abbey

Get a bowl of spotted dick and your lace handkerchief at the ready because this one is a tear-jerker.

By Blake Nadilo
For six seasons Downton Abbey has made us ugly-cry, have a serious case of case of wardrobe envy and made us feel bad about our appalling manners, but now it’s coming to a dramatic end.
We’ve spent five Christmases with Lord and Lady Grantham in Downton, and now the trailer has been released for our last ever one – safe to say we are coping about as well as an unmarried Lady’s maid at a Debutante Presentation.
The trailer begins with Mrs Hughes leading a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne in the servant’s hall and from then on the waterworks do not stop.
“The world is a different place from the way it was my Lord, and Downton Abbey must change with it,” Head Butler Carson can be seen telling Lord Grantham, leading us all to believe the show will end in a very different fashion to which it begun.
Perhaps the Crawley’s will actually have to dress themselves now?
What will come of unlikely besties Isobel Crawley and Dowager Countess Violet?
The question on everyone’s lips though is whether Lady Edith, who has experienced more heartbreak than most will finally get her happy ending and the title of Marchioness – therefore outranking all of her family members.
While troubled “under butler” Thomas Barrow reveals in the trailer, “I arrived here a boy, I leave here a man,” as he bids farewell the Abbey.
More than anything, the world is desperately hoping everyone in that great house finally finds the happiness we’ve watched them fiercely fight for.
Long live the Crawleys.

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