Fifi Box joins the cast of Neighbours

“Acting has been a lifelong dream of mine," an elated Fifi Box says of her latest role.

Radio presenter and television personality Fifi Box is set to join the cast of Neighbours.
Fifi will be playing the role of Brooke Butler, an opportunistic, flighty and dubious woman who relies on her looks to get by.
Sounds like trouble if you ask us!
So where does Brooke fit in? Well, she is the wayward mother of Xanthe Canning (Lilly Van der Meer), estranged girlfriend of Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) and de-facto daughter-in-law of the Canning family matriarch, Sheila (Colette Mann).
“I'm so excited to be heading to Ramsay Street to join the Neighbours family,” Fifi said
“Acting has been a lifelong dream of mine and to get this opportunity on Australia’s most loved and popular show has blown my mind. I'm too excited for words!”
On Tuesday evening, the mother-of-one appeared on The Project and confessed to guest Miranda Tapsell she had "just achieved her little girl dream."
"I wanted to be an actress and I just got a role on Neighbours! Do you have any [acting] tips so my dream comes to fruition?" Fifi asked the actress.
"I think it's just about learning how to cry convincingly," Miranda offered.
"Can you cry on cue?" Fifi's co-star Carrie Bickmore asked. "I've never done it before," Fifi revealed.
Fifi starts filming this week and will debut on screen in September.
This article originally appeared on TV Week

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