Eliza leaves The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor journey is over for the all-singing, all-dancing firecracker that is Eliza!

She attempted to sing her way into Richie's heart but on tonight's episode, the music was turned off for Eliza.
Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor Australia saw Alex finally get her single date with her main man.
The beholder of the white rose clearly had Richie completely smitten. And the feeling was mutual. Whisked away in a limo, the charming Perth boy treated the mum-of-one to a surprise shopping visit to Camilla before the pair indulged in a spot of high tea at the Intercontinental.
With Richie open to being a father figure to Alex's son, they capped of their date with a serenaded dance, a kiss (to rule all kisses) and of course a rose.
Romance was put on (what felt like a 9 month hold) for the group date.
Nikki, Kiki, Megan, Sasha and ring-in Noni were parents for the day as they looked after simulated babies while playing put-put. There were tears and tantrums... And the babies cried as well!
Nikki and Richie got some well-earned mum and dad time, sealing it with a kiss.
In the end, Richie sent Eliza home. Woman's Day caught up with the brunette beauty to talk all things Bachie.
When Eliza first met Richie she serenaded him with a song she penned just for him!
You made something for Richie right before you were eliminated, can you tell us a bit about it?
I gave him a blue rose. Basically, its an old creative technique of mine to find a ribbon and make a rose out of it – a little party trick.
And I made one out of blue felt ribbon, a little present for Richie. Because he has been such a wonderful man along the journey and I wanted to give a gift that represents how thankful I am.
What did he think of it?
His reaction was really sweet. He made a joke about it. He said that it was really sweet and he appreciated it.
Did it hurt to have opened up like that only to be eliminated?
It did hurt but it’s a situation where Richie has a really tough job in terms of 22 amazing women joining him in the journey to find love. So I applaud him for being in that position and putting himself on the line. It's brave.
In a way, I felt that Richie and I were probably more friends because we are goofy and out-there.
Watch Eliza and Keira clash in the player below. Post continues after the video!
How did you feel when your name was called?
It felt OK because I had said all I wanted to say and I really put myself out there – who Eliza was.
Did you see yourself ending up with Richie
Definitely personality wise, yes. But I’m a pretty out-there kind of girl and I think it takes quite a big personality to match mine. I think I’m more of the wing girl at the end of the day!
Were you sad to go?
Yeah, at the end of the day you form a family with the girls so it’s so sad to say goodbye to them.
What did your loved ones think of you being on the show?
I warned my family to wear a mouth-guard when watching the show because the cringe factor will be out of control. It’s me and I love having fun and pushing the boundaries. If I make people cringe then I’ve done my job because that’s why we watch the Bachie, right?
What’s next for you?
As it’s come out, I am an actor. I have a one-woman, 70 minute show that I tour, it’s about a woman trying to find love and every year she doesn’t she gets a cat! She’s got ten cats.
Eliza, who is an aspiring actress, plans to tour her one-woman show at the end of the year.

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