IT’S OVER: Married at First Sight’s Clare Verral dumps Jono Pitman

The controversial reality show has claimed its first couple, with Clare and Jono calling it quits just three weeks into their pseudo marriage.

By Bella Brennan
On Tuesday morning, supposed villain Jono Pitman spoke to Channel Nine's The Today Show to set the record straight on his true colours.
Finally clarifying his infamous "she's not what I ordered" line, the tradie explained he doesn't regret his comments.
"That wasn't going through my head when I turned around. I was like 'wow!' I wasn't disappointed at all. I was rapt. She's a gorgeous, amazing, awesome, kind-hearted woman. Just not normally what I'd go for. No [I don't regret the comment], I don't go through life with regrets," he said.
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Jono also addressed allegations he cheated on Clare during their honeymoon. "It's so far from the truth it's not funny."
"I was definitely, 100% single before the show, whilst I was on the show and I'll stand by that," he revealed.
As for if he is dating anyone now, Jono confirmed that "at the moment, I'm seeing somebody."
While he wouldn't confirm if it was Rachael Baxter he did say: "I knew the person before the show."
On Monday night's episode, just three weeks into the experiment, Clare and Jono called time on their doomed marriage.
Meanwhile Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight saw Clare call time on her relationship with Jono.
Of course, the pair broke it off the only way they knew how – in an epic one-on-one smack down followed by the world’s most awkward dinner party with the rest of the show’s couples.
After Jono moved out of Clare’s Melbourne pad last week, the pair hadn’t been in contact since.
They were finally reunited on a weekend away to the Blue Mountains in NSW, with the purpose of the trip for all the couples to meet each other.
But both ended up flying solo to the event, with Clare officially pulling the plug just minutes into the trip.
“The second we disagreed on something, your walls went absolutely up. You gave me nothing from that point on,” 32-year-old Clare explained.
Watch the break-up in the player below. Post continues after the video!
Before adding: “That really hurt me. I don't just leave as soon as s gets hard. And as soon as s got hard, you bailed."
“This is a pressure cooker and we're both trying to learn from each other and learn how to communicate. But I would say this isn't working. And I was kind of hoping that some things would have changed a bit.”
Jono, 28, pointed out that he saw a nasty side of Clare when they fought and perhaps she might not be ready for a relationship.
But Clare wasn’t having a bar of it and stormed off into the bush to sob.
“I might just leave you here and I might go and find somewhere else to stay,” she said.
Imagine having to endure a dinner party with your ex-boyfriend... who you broke up with half-an hour ago!
After arriving separately to the dinner, Christie finally asked them what had happened. And thus opened the flood gates with Clare sharing every detail on every fight they’d ever hard.
“I'm 32, for me I'm looking for something real... I spent one night with Jono this week because he is a ghost husband and whenever he gets irritated he leaves,” she fumed.
“My take on it would be that Jono is hot-headed... he has a much shorter fuse than I do.”
“'You are an absolute prick,” she added before storming out.
The rest of the couples couldn't quite believe what they were witnessing and commented on the tense atmosphere.
"F--k me that was heavy," Erin noted.
We couldn't have said it better ourselves!
While Jono says Clare is a great woman, he admits they just weren't compatible.

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