*Big Brother*'s Bradley: 'What I’ve learned about women'

Big Brother's Bradley shares his lessons in love with Shari Nementzik.
Q: Which BB girl would you date outside of the house? A: I could see myself hooking up with Estelle outside the house, there is the possibility of that. Apart from her I can’t see myself with any of the other girls outside the house.
Q: Describe your dream girl. A: My dream girl basically has to have three things. She has to be attractive because I’m shallow. She has to have a sense of humour and she has to enjoy The Dark Knight movie.
Q: What have you learned about women from your time in the house? A: I’ve learnt many things about girls. I’ve learned that the majority of girls do not have as much as a sense of humour as men do. I’ve learned that sometimes it is best not to talk to a girl if they seem to be in a bad mood and you should also not ask a girl how old she is or comment on her age.
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