Bachelor Blake's "creepy" doll addiction

A former lover has spilled the beans on the other ‘ladies’ close to the Bachelor Blake Garvey's heart.
According to a former flame of Blake, it sounds like Sam Frost dodged a bullet when Blake unceremoniously called off their TV engagement. Otherwise she would have had to share a bedroom crammed with his collection…of soft toy dogs and Cabbage Patch Kids!
“He still lives at home with his mum,” said the flight attendant, too embarrassed to reveal her name.
“His bedroom has a spare bed covered with his collection. There are at least 20 dolls, all arranged neatly on the bed.
“I think it’s kinda creepy.”
Woman’s Day’s source says she met Blake just weeks before filming started on the hit Ten series.
She tells us Blake was with another “girlfriend” at the time but slipped her his number mid-flight en-route to visiting his estranged father in the United States.
The anonymous flight attendant also says that while Blake seems like a charmer he’s actually quite awkward – without scriptwriters he’s nothing like his TV persona.
“He is sweet but very robotic; his texts were always matter-of-fact,” claims the spurned ex.
“?‘How has your day been? What did you do?’ There was never any emotion there. Sam mentioned nothing happened in the bedroom and I believe her.
“He was never overly sexual and seemed very nervous about that department,” she alleges.
So that was yet another relationship to bite the dust.
“We were just very different people, really,” . I guess I caught on when he told me he collected dolls and showed me the most recent.
“He said there were a few to collect and he wanted to get them all.”
Read the full interview and hear more about Blake’s pre-Bachelor fling, only in Woman’s Day – on sale Monday, October 13.

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