The Judges for Australia’s Got Talent 2016 have been revealed!

It’s the show that launched the careers of stars like Bonnie Anderson, Justice Crew and Cosentino, but now Australia’s Got Talent is back with new cast of all-star judges.

It was officially announced yesterday at Channel Nine’s upfronts that Kelly Osbourne, Eddie Perfect, Sophie Monk and Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson will join the judging panel for Australia’s Got Talent 2016.
Kelly Osbourne, whose most recent gig was notable Fashion Police starring alongside Joan Rivers, is the only international judge, while the rest are home-grown talent.
Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson knows a thing or two about talent shows after becoming a house-hold name on the hugely popular Australian Idol from 2003 – 2009.
These days Sophie Monk might be a huge radio star but it’s easy to forget that she got her start on the talent show Popstars 15 years ago, while former Offspring actor Eddie Perfect can certainly offer a wealth of knowledge about the entertainment industry.
It was confirmed earlier this week that comedian Dave Hughes will take over from Julia Morris as host.
“I reckon rather than being like Australian Idol or X Factor or The Voice, this show has a bit more room to have fun,” he said.
“With this sort of show there’s more of a chance to have a go. I don’t necessarily want to see a judge who’s just being nasty but I don’t think we’ll be cuddling people as much,” the funny-man added.

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