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Why you should never take photos of food in restaurants

Heston Blumenthal has slammed the trend of ‘Instagramming’ meals.

If you’re planning on eating at one of Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants, you might want to think twice about taking a photo of your meal.
The celebrity chef has explained that he believes the trend of “Instagramming” meals detracts from the overall experience.
“I would prefer if they (diners) didn’t take any photos and just enjoyed themselves at the table and certainly not take them throughout the whole meal,” he told The Daily Telegraph.
“At the end of the day, sometimes people take pictures from the moment they get somewhere and the camera disengages them from the emotion of being in the environment and the moment, as opposed to taking in the atmosphere, smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, all of those senses.”
Heston Blumenthal
Last year, Heston brought his restaurant The Fat Duck to Melbourne where diners paid $525 a head for a 16-course meal.
“I think flashes in a restaurant at night time is just not on because it’s not fair on the other diners with the reflection in the glass and also I still have an issue, who knows if somebody takes a picture, somebody on the next table is sitting there with someone they shouldn't be sitting there with, it’s an invasion of privacy on the person.”
What do you think? Do you think taking photos of your meals detracts from the overall experience?
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