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Here's exactly how to use a vanilla pod

Extract all of that delicious vanilla goodness, in just a few minutes.

By The Australian Women's Weekly
Vanilla is one of the most-used flavours in cooking and baking.
And while many recipes call for the use of classic vanilla essence, others require the use of whole vanilla beans, to be extracted from a vanilla pod.
We often get asked how exactly we're supposed to use vanilla pods.
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Vanilla pods are sold at most supermarkets and grocery stores. Image: Getty
Q: How do you use a vanilla bean pod?
To use a vanilla bean pod, cut the beans in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds and pulp.
Add this, along with the pod, to the liquid and stand for the specified time.
The pods can then be removed.
Once you slice the pod open, you'll find lots of vanilla beans inside. Image: Getty
Wash the pods in cool water, dry them thoroughly, and then put them into a container where you store sugar (usually caster sugar) for baking.
This way, you'll always have vanilla flavored sugar on hand.
Some recipes call for whole pods.
In this case, the pods can be washed in cool water after use, dried thoroughly and used again.
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