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You guys, red wine hot chocolate is totally becoming a thing

Sounds crazy, tastes delicious!

Red wine and chocolate just got a whole lot better and you can thank Kylie Mitchell of immaEATthat.
‘How?’ you ask, ‘How did she achieve this impossible feet?!’
Well she managed to create a simple hot chocolate recipe that’s gone berserk on the internet and inspired a whole trend.
While winter might be over Down Under this deliciously rich treat is kinda irresistible for any season and only consists of three main ingredients; milk, dark chocolate and red wine (the food blogger recommends a Cabernet Sauvignon).
Basically Mitchell, suggests melting dark chocolate chips, adding milk, and once combined into a velvety mixture dropping in the wine and stir till hot. It’s that easy!
Many coca fans have made their versions and shared online already…

You can look at the whole immaEATthat Red wine hot chocolate recipe here and follow more from Kylie on Instagram.

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