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How to speed clean your whole house in an hour

If you are time poor, then you probably don’t want to spend the whole weekend cleaning.

Let’s face it, we are all busy. Life is 100km an hour and the majority of us cram as much as we can into our day.
Between work, children, exercising and socialising there might not be a huge amount of time left over for house work.
If you are time poor, then you probably don’t want to spend the whole weekend cleaning. Yes, we all love living in a clean and tidy house, but it’s probably fair to say that the most of us don’t love the actual cleaning.
So what if I told you that you could speed clean your entire house in an hour?
I spoke to Kat Springer, the Organised Housewife to find out how.
“Speed cleaning is all about what you can see at a glance,” she says.
“So forget lifting the couch cushions and vacuuming underneath, or scrubbing the oven, focus on the areas that you can easily see and touch.”
Before you start Kat recommends getting in the mood.
“Put on some great music,” she says.
“This will help you to work faster because you’ll be skipping along to the beat of the music.”
Kat also recommends putting on your gym clothes. This is a great way to trick your body into serious action.
“I find I can be a little slow and lazy when in track pants,” explains Kat.
As speed is the name of the game, Kat suggests getting yourself organised by creating a cleaning kit that you can carry around the house as you go.
“If you have your cleaning kit on hand you will have everything you need to clean, this will save loads of time,” she explains.
Kat notes that it’s a good idea to begin in the bathroom.
“Start in the shower and loo, allowing your cleaning product to sit and soak while you clean the rest of the house,” she says.
Another great tip is to carry an empty box or washing basket around with you. Put anything that doesn’t belong in the room into the box.
Then rather than wasting time moving from room to room putting things away you can spend ten minutes at the end putting things back where they belong.
And of course, you should outsource some of the cleaning to the rest of the family.
Perhaps you can make a list of rooms that need cleaning and divide them with your partner or house mates. And if you have kids you should definitely get them on board.
“Have your kid’s help you as much as possible. For example, before you start cleaning ask the kids to make their beds and put their toys away.”
If your kids are older enough to pitch in, you can give them more responsibility – perhaps vacuuming or mopping.
Any final tips from Kat?
“Don’t use a duster as this spreads the dust,” she says.
“Use a microfibre cloth to remove it on the first swipe.”
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