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How to get a seat upgrade on a flight

This could be the one thing stopping you from moving up to business class.

Ever wondered what the secret trick is to getting your airline to move you from economy to business class?
According to The Sun, it comes down to whether you pre-book your seats.
If you pre-select your seats during online check-in or prior to that, the airline believes you’re all sorted, so it’s best to keep your options open.
This means you may be moved to a better spot.
Here are some more ways to up your chances of moving up a seat class.
Travel during low-peak
It’s almost impossible to get an upgrade on a full flight, but less busy times means there’s more likely to be vacant premium seats.
Be a loyal flier
If you travel often, get onto the loyalty scheme of your favourite airline. It’s a bonus point for airline staff in giving you a better seat and it could also help you get money off your next trip.
Get there early
Get there well ahead of time as there are more seat options.
Be polite
If you win over the check-in staff, they’re more likely to do you a favour.
Regularly check your emails
No one likes inbox spam, but there could be some emails offering free upgrades.
Dress smart
If you’re dressed well, this has been proven to help your chances.
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