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Have you seen our amazing new recipe site, Food To Love?

If not - why not?

Here at Women’s Weekly, we’ve been known for our triple-tested recipes for years, from our iconic train cakes to our modern takes on the classics.
When we relaunched our brand new website on April the 1st, we wanted to give you, our readers, a new and improved experience and access to our recipes - so we created Food To Love.
Food To Love is an all-access archive to all our recipes, with suggestions, cuisines, themes, inspirations, recommendations and recipe collections for all of your cooking, baking and crafting needs. With new recipes every week, Food To Love is an amazing new hub, where you can visit time and time again, and always find something new and exciting to cook or bake.
In partnership with Woman’s Day and Recipes+, Food To Love has combined all of their recipes, along with ours, to give you the most comprehensive choice and options.
So, whether you need something to bake, something to cook, an idea for a birthday party, or maybe just a little midnight treat, we’ve got it all.
Just head over to Food To Love and take your pick.

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