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Cooking meat on the BBQ

Question: My partner has a tendency to overcook everything so that it's dry on the inside or black on the outside and raw in the centre. Are there any rules on cooking meat on the BBQ?
Answer: When cooking chicken on the barbecue, it only needs a moderately-high heat, so don't place it over a direct flame. Cuts on the bone tend to be juicer, so drumsticks, legs and wings are the ideal choices.
Veal has a low fat content so it dries out easily. Cook it over a low heat, away from the flame.
If you want your beef medium-rare, cook it directly over the flame; for well-done, seal the surface over high heat then move to a less hot part of the barbecue to finish off the cooking.
Lamb should be cooked over high heat for medium-rare; for well-done cook for longer over a medium heat.
Pork needs only a moderate heat; don't overcook pork, it should be slightly pink inside.
Sausages should never be pricked, and must be cooked over a low heat. Poach them first, to reduce the time spent on the barbecue; this helps the inside to cook through while ensuring the outside stays crisp, not burned.

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