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The 5 most common questions astrologers get asked

“Can you tell what sign I am?” Puh-lease.

As an astrologer, Jessica Adams gets asked a lot of strange questions about her profession.
Her love for horoscopes began when she was a teenager and only got stronger when she bought one of her very first astrology books by Richard Sterling from The Australian Women’s Weekly.
She then kickstarted her career at Elle magazine as their astrologist and she has uncannily been predicting truths ever since.
Jessica Adams
Here, Adams, who is also an author, tells us the questions she gets asked over and over again.
How do you work out your predictions?
“I use software which shows me the positions of all the heavenly bodies, at any moment in the past, present or future. From that, I read the patterns and make predictions, using the ancient rules of astrology.”
Can you tell what sign I am?
“Maybe, mister, if I hadn’t heard that pick-up line eleventy million times.”
How can one-twelfth of the population have the same future?
“How can Australians have the same future (barbecues) on Australia Day? How can the British have the same future (bonfires) on Guy Fawkes’ Night? How can Americans have the same future (fireworks) on Independence Day?”
Did you qualify as an astrologer?
“There was no university degree offered in astrology when I was young. I graduated as a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Ancient Civilisations, Philosophy and Religious Studies instead. That way, I got to write essays about astrology.”
What’s the best prediction you ever made?
“Brexit. It was made almost a year in advance against all the opinion polls. I needed pants of steel for that one!”
Adams will be providing daily horoscopes and predictions for The Weekly website from next week (Monday July 25), so be sure to tune in right here to see the latest from her.

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