Why every woman should do less housework

Why every woman should do less housework

Dust bunnies on the floor? Smears on the mirrors and soap scum in the shower? Don’t worry about it — it could make you depressed.

A study published in Molecular Psychiatry found that living in a spotlessly-clean environment could increase your risk of depression.

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We’ve been told for some time that the over-use of disinfectants and antiseptics may compromise immune function and trigger allergies and asthma, especially in children.

This is because they are not being exposed to the bacteria, parasites, and viruses that are found in everyday dirt, which may subsequently cause their bodies to over-react to allergens like dust and pollen.

Now, according to this study, it seems this same combination of a too-sterile environment and the resulting over-reaction to allergens creates an inflammatory response that may also inhibit the brain’s ability to produce the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin, leading to depression.

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So — leaving the vacuum in the cupboard can boost your mood? That’s a prescription worth trying.

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