This picture of bacon is turning many off the meat for life

Would you like bacon with that?

What are your plans for breakfast? Bacon?

Well one Reddit thread has been accused of turning many off eating the popular meat after a closer inspection of this picture provided them with a good reminder of where their food actually comes from.

You see that little nub at the side of the picture? Well… that’s a nipple.


And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating the nipple of a pig – it won’t make you sick or anything, but many people have just said they feel sick thinking about it.

The thread has many not only discussing the nipple but also how they became “inadvertent vegetarians” for life after a meat experience left them feeling a little unsure of eating something that was once alive.

One user, NotSoSlenderMan said they went meat-free after they found a bulging vein in their Thanksgiving ham.

After saying they were disgusted by their aunt, who was not turned off her holiday lunch at all, another Reddit user suggested that their wilful ignorance was the issue, not the vein.

HillelSlovak wrote: “You can’t really call her disgusting for eating meat like an animal when you just prefer to pretend like this animal wasn’t once alive.”

And we don’t know why it matters, but many were asking what gender the bacon likely comes from (as if that makes a difference on whether they’d eat the nipples?!).

One user, who claimed to have worked as a free-range pork producer said, “it will be from a castrated male.”

They added: “The girls are saved for breeding… the females can be used as ground after their mothering years are complete.”

So, would you like bacon with that?

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