6 bras every woman should own

Never underestimate the importance of a good bra.

Ask any woman who has ever been fitted for a bra – a good-fitting bra can make all the difference!

But it’s not all about nailing your correct bra size. In fact, many women experience discomfort and dissatisfaction from their bras because they are simply wearing the wrong type of bra for the clothing they’re wearing of the activity they’re doing.

To help you and your ladies get the correct support they deserve, we’ve rounded up the six bra types that will see you through every situation.

1. T-shirt bra

A perfectly contoured T-shirt bra is an underwear essential. The bra should flatter your breasts (opt for rounded cups) and feature supportive yet comfortable straps that don’t dig in.

T-shirt bras may seem like your most basic bra, but it’s one of the most important to nail when it comes to fit – nothing looks worse than a bunched-up bra underneath a T-shirt!

To test the bra is a good fit, lean over and see whether your breasts remain in the cup or not. If not, go up a cup size. Always be sure to check that the centre gore of the bra lies flat against your breastbone. If there is gap between your bra and breastbone, get refitted.

Finally, always choose a style in a neutral colour that best matches your skin tone. This will help to give you a more natural look when wearing shirts made from sheerer fabrics.

2. A day-to-night bra

The day-to-night bra will be one of the hardest working bras in your collection: able to support you throughout the day and designed to be discreet enough to wear at night.

This versatile style should be extremely supportive but also comfortable, able to work with your bust and body. Bust-inclusive Lingerie brand Underline offer a Laser Contour Bra that is made to be worn for long periods, and can be worn regular or cross back. The bra features seamless smooth cups (made from silky, second-skin fabric) and graphic laser-cut pattern detailing, making it easy to conceal under clothing.

With a touch of stretch, these thinly padded bras have become a brand best-seller thanks to their unrivalled fit.

Underline Laser Contour Bra, $69.95

3. Sports bra

Finding the motivation to get physical can be challenging at the best of times, so give yourself a head start by making sure you feel comfortable when working out.

Whether you’re a A or D+ cup size, a good sports bra is essential. Start by thinking about what type of activity you do – you’ll need more support for running than yoga class. The more intense your workout is, the more support your back and upper body will need. Ensure your bra has a thick band across the bottom for added support.

If you have a larger bust, consider a bra with moulded cups or an underwire. It might not look sexy, but you’ll end up having a more comfortable and confident workout.

4. Convertible bra

If you can only invest in one bra, make it a convertible bra.

Convertible bras are able to be worn with different pieces of clothing thanks to their amendable straps. Want to wear a tank top? Take off the straps and it instantly becomes a strapless bra!

If you want to save room in your suitcase, this is the style for you. The best bit about this style is that it’s designed to provide adequate support no matter which way you wear it.

Lingerie brand Fine Lines’ 6-Ways Low Cut Strapless Bra is specifically designed to adapt to your needs. Able to be worn in six different ways – regular, halter, criss cross, strapless, regular, low back, halter low back – the bra provides day-long support no matter the situation, thanks to its supportive wide elastic and smooth 3D-hemmed cups.

Fine Lines 6-Ways Low Cut Strapless Bra, $54.95

When the event calls for a elegant backless dress of slinky shirt with a low-cut back, there’s always the option of going bra-less or using stick on-style support. But when those options are just not enough (or simply too uncomfortable), a convertible bra with a low-back option, such as Fine Lines’, is a must.

Finally, a good convertible bra should always come with the option of concealing pesky straps. Fine Lines’ Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra comes with optional clear straps for further convertibility options. A bra that does it all!

5. No wire bra

The non-padded, wire-free cotton bra is your go-to for weekend wear when you’re wanting to lounge and Netflix. While they were once reserved solely for smaller bust sizes, there are now greater options available that cater for larger breasts.

The market now offers styles with comfort front of mind, with seamless, full-coverage and soft-cup iterations available for women needing more support than their flatter-chested counterparts.

6. Wow-factor bra

Every woman should own a bra that makes her feel empowered. It doesn’t necessarily have to look super sexy (although it can!), but it should at least make you feel that way.

The wow-factor bra should be worn on special occasions and make you feel Lizzo-level confident. It may not be the most versatile bra option in your underwear drawer, but it should still do everything you want it to.

Seek out beautifully designed options with intricate details such as small charms and lace fabric. If you’re looking for an extra push, invest in a style that gives the impression of a fuller bust. Underlines’ Elevate Up Two Boost Bra features a plunging neckline and cup padding that increases up size by two! While it’s simultaneously elegant and sexy, it doesn’t compromise on fit or feel.

Wow-factor bras are personal, so it’s important to shop around until you find the style that does exactly what you want.

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