What your dreams are trying to tell you

Our dreams hold powerful messages, helping us to navigate our lives. See which of these dream symbols you’re drawn to and what messages they hold for you.

By Katy Moon
Have you ever noticed certain symbols cropping up over and over again in your dreams? Well, there could be more to them than an overactive imagination.
Qualified therapist and professional dream interpreter Delphi Ellis says symbols that commonly appear in your dreams can help you understand messages from your subconscious. These messages can provide guidance and pointers about things which might be bothering you, or happening around you, and often act as signposts to the way forward.
"By analysing dream symbols and their meanings, we can make sense of the world around us, and positively influence the life journey ahead of us,” she says in the new issue of Spirit & Destiny Australia.
Below, Delphi explains some of the common symbols that tend to crop up in our dreams, in the hopes to help you unravel the messages your subconscious is trying to send you.

Bumble bee

The very presence of a bee is sacred and precious as it’s an endangered species. These insects are well organised, working efficiently as a team, bringing ‘sweetness’ to the world. This symbol may be a metaphor for your personal qualities, or be encouraging you to think about the company you keep – make sure you have people around you who share your values, and who you can trust.
If you’re scared of bees in your dream, this may refer to a situation that caused you hurt and created change you weren’t expecting; you’re being told to embrace this change. Able to fly vast distances with tiny wings, bees are a great reminder that anything is possible if you focus on an outcome that will benefit all.


In symbolic terms, the image of a dragon usually represents anxiety; maybe you’ve been battling with a fear of some kind or avoiding a problem at home or on the work front, and it’s been playing on your mind. The good news is, just like in the legend of Saint George, the dragon is always tamed or vanquished, and the threat disappears. So take this symbol as a positive sign.
Like any hero preparing to go into battle, you need a plan, but you are the hero in your own story, so you get to write what happens next. Ask yourself: ‘what positive steps need to be taken to achieve a healthy outcome?’


Reserved for special occasions, the crown is linked to status and power. It’s a sign of success and victory. They are generally a positive sign that good times are ahead; a powerful opportunity may be about to present itself, so keep your eyes peeled.
Crowns are also symbols of authority, so be aware of someone who is throwing their weight around and trying to get ahead. The crown is a warning to steer clear of someone else’s drama and not get caught up in it.

The sea

The sea is a place of sanctuary for many but, like our emotions, it can be a trifle unpredictable. Dreaming of the sea suggests that you may have been overwhelmed by recent events, or are feeling out of your depth and struggling to keep on top of things and how you feel.
It’s time to take positive steps to build your resilience and navigate choppy waters. Investigate all your options before making any hasty decisions, don’t dive in just yet. Organise a day trip or holiday to the seaside, to help you feel replenished and recharged


Like a puppy, you are a loyal friend and good companion, who is often seen as playful, with a good heart. Baby animals can symbolise a need to take care of your own happiness, instead of always putting others first. Remember that it’s important to have time for yourself so you can see when there may be opportunities for learning or a fresh start ahead.
This symbol may suggest that, like a puppy, your thoughts sometimes run away from you, or you are easily distracted. Look at ways of managing your thinking, for example by using a few mindfulness techniques to help you relax and make calm decisions.


A traditional symbol of grief, the lily helps us to remember that we experience loss in a number of ways, not just the physical. You may have lost something that’s of sentimental value, a piece of jewellery perhaps, or suffered the breakdown of a relationship.
The lily is not a prediction of loss, more a sign for you to acknowledge past hurt. It’s time to let go of the hold the past has over you and start again. For you the lily symbolises much-needed change, which will allow you to follow your true purpose, and the transition will be beautiful.

The sun

A symbol of warmth, the sun can also be interpreted as representing power and energy. You are a source of light to many people, even if you don’t realise it right now. Be sure to pat yourself on the back, or give yourself a reward, for a recent job well done.
We are often told not to look directly at the sun, and to remember that its rays can be harmful. This may suggest then, that there is something you don’t want to ‘shine a light on’, for fear of what it may reveal. Remember, the sun always follows even the darkest night.


Trees symbolically represent life and the passage of time; where we’ve been, and how we got to the point we are at today; and how our past plays a part in our future. You may have been thinking about the past and its impact on your life at present, which can be healthy, with the right nurturing people around you.
Trees are a reminder to look after yourself and maintain your inner strength. They are symbolic of the support and structure we have in our lives – because in order for a tree to blossom, it has to be in the right environment.


In the Western world, purple robes were traditionally a symbol of wealth because the dye was expensive. Seeing this colour in your dreams is likely to be a sign that financial worries are coming to an end, or an unexpected windfall is heading your way.
Make sure you’re not spending more than you can afford, and invest in the right ways, not just your money but your time and energy, too – and spend those wisely, because you won’t get a ‘refund’.


Angels are often seen as messengers, so make sure you keep your eyes open for signs, communications and synchronicities which may only have special significance to you. The angel is also a symbol of unconditional love, guidance, protection and support.
Whether unconditional love is present or has been missing from your life, this is validation that it is all around you, especially if you take positive steps towards the life and love you deserve.


The lighthouse is a symbol of hope, letting you know that calmer waters are ahead and you’re nearly there, where you need to be. The lighthouse is asking you to pay attention to your circumstances and the people around you, making sure that you proceed with caution, and with your eyes open.
It offers protection, too, reassuring you that you are safe or that, if you need assistance, you can be guided to a place of safety with the right help. Confide in someone you trust.

Pair of shoes

If you dream of shoes it’s a sure sign that you are, or need to be, grounded so you can be in touch with everything that’s happening around you. In some myths and fairytales, shoes are endowed with magical properties allowing the wearer, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to visit faraway places.
There is also a saying that you shouldn’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. This may be a sign that someone has been more than judgemental around you lately, and this hasn’t sat comfortably with you.
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