Sofia Vegara reveals her biggest beauty regret and it’s so relatable

It's not too late to start though.

Sofia Vergara is famous for her curvaceous body, but she still has regrets about the way she took her ‘youthful looks’ for granted in her 20s.

The Modern Family star wishes she had applied suncreen to her chest instead of just her face and neck from a younger age.

“In my 20s, I started to use sunblock on my face,” she told PeopleStyle.

“I wish I had put it on my chest too.”

The 44-year-old says it’s probably too late to reverse all the damage, but is liberal about applying SPF everywhere daily now.

Beauty experts have similar advice, especially as the chest is not immune from tell-tale signs of aging.

Zoe Foster Blake, author of Amazing Face, has long told her fans that her best bit of beauty advice is: “your face stops at your boobs”.

Blake says most clothes women wear reveal at least part of their chest, so it’s illogical to only slather expensive treatments– and sun protection–onto your face.

Helpful tips and tricks

  • Apply what you do to your face on your neck and chest area during the day and night.

  • Wear high necked tops and dresses as much as possible when the sun is out.

  • Don’t apply perfume on your chest or neck area during the day as the alcohol can increase your chances of getting sunburnt or developing pigmentation.

  • Sleep on your back.

  • Avoid boiling hot showers because they could damage the delicate skin on your chest.

It’s never too late to start.

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