Women suspicious of nice husbands

Men often complain of feeling like they can't do anything right in the eyes of their spouse — and a new study suggests they're correct.
A UK survey has found that more than two-thirds of women would suspect an affair if their husband was "too nice" to them.
The poll of over 2000 women found that while ladies dream of being wooed with flowers and chocolates — they would be convinced their man was cheating if he actually came up with the goods.
Other things likely to trigger suspicions included a partner suddenly having 'new tricks' in the bedroom, cooking them breakfast in bed, buying them jewellery or sexy underwear or making grand romantic gestures.
Even helping out with the housework — which millions of women nag their partners about every day; led to infidelity worries, suggesting men really are right when they complain of being "damned if they do and damned if they don't".
But even if women suspect their husbands of an indiscretion, one third of the ladies surveyed said they would be willing to turn a blind eye if it meant their partner was easier to live with.
"Today's work and life pressures have resulted in romantic gestures like making your wife or girlfriend breakfast in bed much more of a rare occasion," Louise Thompson Davies, a spokeswoman from Kellogg's, which conducted the survey, said.
"This is why most women tend to reach for the panic button and suspect the worst when they are made a fuss over.
"The smallest changes in a man’s behaviour can set a women's mind whirring and get them worrying."
The top 20 things that make women suspicious
Buys jewellery
New moves in the bedroom
More emotional
Buys flowers
Buys chocolates
More attentive
Buys sexy underwear
Books a romantic weekend away
Buys you more things
Helps more with the chores
Tells you he loves you more
Makes breakfast in bed
Pays more compliments
Texts more
Does the cooking
Calls more
Listens better
Runs baths
Hands over the TV remote
Cuddles more
Twenty percent of respondents said they would immediately assume their partner was having a full-blown affair if he did any of the above, while the rest would conclude he had "something to hide" or was trying to distract them from some other misdemeanour.

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