Why men and women feel differently about cheating

Study unlocks why men are driven to jealousy by physical infidelity but women are exactly the opposite.

The Green-eyed monster is such a nasty, nasty creature – and depending on whether you're male or female, jealousy strikes in different ways, new studies on infidelity suggests.
Research findings indicate that men are more likely to get jealous over sexual infidelity (even when there's no emotional connection) opposed to their female counterparts, who would be more upset by the prospect of emotional infidelity (even if no sexual intercourse is involved).
In summary: Women would rather their boyfriend cheat by having sex with another women than falling in love with them.
This stems from deeply rooted biological reasoning, that Researchers David Frederick of Chapman University and Melissa Fales of UCLA curiously explore in their latest study in Archives of Sexual Behavior.
The science behind it all proposes that it comes down to a problem that humans still face today – unknowingly raising a child that might not genetically be your own.
From an evolutionary perspective, there’s always a chance that the offspring in which a male is raising may not be his, supporting the fact that men would rather not see their partner having sex with someone else.
A women on the other hand, is entirely 100 per cent sure that an offspring is hers, therefore is more interested in the demand for emotional support from her male partner.
We can thank our lucky stars for modern-day DNA testing then can't we?

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