Transgender couple take a stand against trolls

Louis Davies and Jamie Eagle on This Morning.
A transgender couple have taken their love public to challenge the trolls who make their lives hell.
Jamie Eagle, 20, who was born a boy, and Louis Davies, 25, who was born a girl, are both "transitioning" between genders.
They met last year and have been inseparable ever since, getting engaged in March.
Until recently, they kept their love a secret because they lived in a small town in Wales, but have decided to publicise their relationship to take a stand against the abuse they receive daily.
The couple chose UK breakfast TV show This Morning to tell the world about their love but say taking their romance public has dramatically increased the hate attacks they face both online and in person.
Jamie says she can't go out alone because she is constantly followed by people threatening to attack her. She is also plagued by anonymous internet trolls and has started taking antidepressants.
Despite this, she doesn't regret taking a stand because she feels raising awareness of her life is the only way things will change for transgender people.
"It's like gay people, black people and women," she told the UK's Independent newspaper. "None of these groups would have the rights they do if they hadn't fought to change negative stereotypes and perceptions.
"By going public, I feel like I'm doing my bit to help change history."
Jamie says the messages of support she has received from other transgender people and their families have confirmed she made the right decision to speak out.
"So many people have told me I've inspired them and loads of people have come to me for advice, including parents of young children," she said.
Jamie and Louis are planning to have gender reassignment surgery in the next 12 months and will then marry. They have vowed to wait until they are husband and wife to become intimate with each other.

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