See the men Bambi Smyth dated on her trip around the world

Bambi Smyth is the woman who went on 75 dates in 81 days across 22 countries now see all of the lucky guys.

Middle-aged and unmarried, Bambi Smyth went on an international romance-seeking mission, dating dozens of men across five continents – from a Spanish gigolo to a Vatican City seminarian, and everything in between. After testing the cultural stereotypes, she tells The Weekly that men the world over all just want the same thing.
In her bold quest to find The One, Bambi Smyth went on a man-meeting marathon that involved 75 dates in 81 days across 22 countries – and required her to dine on raw prawn brains and a pig’s penis. No one could accuse Bambi of not putting herself out there.

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