Man invents wristband to warn of wife's PMT

He hasn't got a working prototype yet, but a UK man has invented a wristband that would theoretically change colour when his wife is suffering from pre-menstrual tension (PMT).
Karl Dorn, 43, a plasterer from Essex, has called the device "Help for Husbands". He said it would work, in theory, by monitoring the body temperature of the wearer, changing colour a few days before menstruation begins and thus warning of potential mood swings before they happen.
Dorn claims husbands could then monitor their behaviour and avoid outraging their irritable spouses.
"It's a visual aid for men so they can be a little bit more understanding at certain times of the month," Dorn told the UK's Daily Mail.
"It's a very taboo issue … but if you can help couples understand each other and communicate better that's got to be a good thing."
Dorn dreamed up the idea while drinking in a pub with some of his male friends. He drew up plans for the device, but has yet to produce a working model. Despite this, he is confident the product will be a big success as he has invented several other things in the past.
His most recent invention was an energy-saving standby plug that won a British TV inventing competition in 2007.
The plasterer is a finalist in a competition run by a local millionaire to find money-spinning ideas.

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