Is this the age when you will have the best sex of your life?

The answer may pleasantly surprise you.

Getting older can sometimes be accompanied by a myriad of misconceptions, with a common one being that as you age, your sex life substantially diminishes.
Well, according to researchers from the National Institute of Aging in the US, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it seems that participants of their study – women aged 45-60 – are experiencing the best sex of their lives right now, despite the fact that their libidos have lowered and they’re having sex less than they used to.
Researchers believe that this misconception that one’s sex life dries up with age comes from past studies that purely documented the decline of sexual activity during midlife through statistics. Alternatively, researchers of this new study wanted to encapsulate exactly how women were feeling and what they were experiencing.
“Among the women who reported positive changes, several women felt that while frequency of sexual activity had decreased, their satisfaction with sex had increased,” the study states. “They attributed these positive changes to higher self-confidence, increased self-knowledge, and better communication skills as they aged.”
Then, when it came to describing any negative changes of sex over time, women reported that they weren’t having sex as often as they used to, difficulty reaching orgasm and vaginal dryness.
“More women attributed these negative changes to psychosocial stressors, such as family and career, than biological factors such as menopause."
If this study doesn't debunk the no-sex-as-you-age myth, we don't know what does...

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