Hospital reunites 96-year-old lovers

“I just can’t be away from her. She’s the finest woman in the world.”

A hospital has broken protocol to reunite an elderly couple who were forced to stay in separate rooms.
Tom and Arnisteen Clark have been married for 68 years and have spent every night together, barring a short period of time Tom was serving in the Korean War.
So when they were assigned separate rooms at Georgia’s Piedmont Fayette Hospital – a facility that does not have double occupancy rooms – they were devastated.
After enduring several nights of painful separation, hospital staff went out of their way to reunite the lovebirds, if only for a few hours a day.
Tom, 96, is now wheeled into his 92-year-old wife’s room every morning and allowed to spend several hours by her side.
He was moved to tears to be reunited with his beloved, whom he describes as “the finest woman in the world”.
“I just can’t be away from her,” he said.
The above photo was posted on the hospital’s Facebook page and has since gone viral.

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