Facebook glitch sparks modern fairy tale

"In a sea of millions of people going in millions of directions, without even knowing we were looking, we found each other.”

We’ve heard of glass slippers, magic spells and poisoned apples, but this take on the classic love story is a little bit more modern.
A couple from the US have revealed the incredible story of how social media site Facebook set them on the path to love.
Celeste, a student and Schuler, a writer, met when Schuler switched on his phone and found that the Facebook app had glitched and had logged him onto another random account.
The account belonged to Celeste Zendler, who lived 1,600 kilometres away in Colorado.
Posting to the Facebook account, Schuler attempted to log out and get back into his own account to no avail. The attempts to change settings and log in and log out didn’t solve the problem – the only thing that would was, if we’re being frank, a little bit of fairy godmother work from Facebook.
Facebook only let the two get back to their own accounts if they friended each other, which they did.
But rather than unfriending each other and returning to their own lives, Celeste and Schuler struck up multiple conversations and eventually became good friends.
“I never did (delete him) because I enjoyed his status updates,” Celeste told heavy.com, “He would post such funny stuff that I liked having him in my feed. We commented here and there on each other’s statuses and that is how we got to know one another.”
But they didn’t stop at just being friends.
“It literally took years to go from Facebook friends to a romantic relationship,” revealed Celeste.
Two years after their modern romance begun, Celeste uprooted and moved to Arkansas to be nearer to Schuler and from there, the digital couple started their relationship on serious grounds.
Now, six years on, Schuler logged into Celeste’s account once more – but this time it wasn’t be accident.
Writing on her account the way he did when they first ‘met’, Schuler revealed, “for those who don’t know, Celeste and I met in October of 2009 when a glitch ion Facebook Mobile logged me into her account from a cell phone I used while living in South Arkansas”.
“After that, we became friends, grew closer and eventually began a relationship. Prior to this, we’d never met, never lived in the same town, never known any of the same people, either on Facebook or in the real world.”
“We were connected at random, by accident, and against odds.”
“Some quick comparisons: In the fall of 2009, Facebook already had over 175 million users. Rounding down, the odds of us connecting were less than 1 in 175,000,000. Statistically speaking, you’re about 300 times more likely to be struck by lightning. You’re more likely to be bitten by a shark … on land. And you’re about as likely to win the Powerball Jackpot … with the exact same numbers as someone else.”
“As amazing as our story is, it puts me at a disadvantage. It I were to ask Celeste to marry me, I wouldn’t be able to take her to the place we first met, because it wasn’t a physical location.”
“So I’m coming back here,” he wrote, “Celeste, I’m hacking into your Facebook account for the second time (on purpose for the first time :)) to ask you a question. In a sea of millions of people going in millions of directions, without even knowing we were looking, we found each other.”
“You are truly my other half, and I want us to be with each other, in love, always,” he wrote, “Will you marry me?”
That’s sounds like a modern fairy tale to us.

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