Carrie Bickmore gave a hilarious response when her daughter asked how she became pregnant

Parents, this is how you do it.

By Alex Lilly
It's the discussion that's always a little bit awkward, but Carrie Bickmore had the best response when her three year-old daughter Evie asked how the baby got into her mum's tummy.
Instead of telling Evie how the baby got in, The Project host who is expecting her third bub with her partner, Chris Walker, decided to explain how the baby comes out.
Carrie and her daughter Evie.
Speaking to her 2Day FM radio co-host Tommy Little on their show, Carrie revealed she told her daughter "'it comes out my hole."
"And she said, 'Do I have a hole?' and I said, 'Yes' and she said, 'Do I have a big one' and I said "Sure,'" Carrie said.
"I was just trying to move the conversation along, and then I explained how it stretches… because I was naked at the time and she was looking at me and she was trying to work out how it obviously comes out the size of the hole."
The 38 year-old eventually admitted that her partner Chris was the one to give the honest answer about the birds and the bees to Evie when she was overseas for work. But the cheeky toddler didn't even stop then.
"She then said 'Why don't we use her bottom?' and he informed her that in this scenario it wasn't very helpful."
"Anyway issue's resolved, I don't have to deal with it, it's been dealt with and now she knows all about everything."
This will be Carrie's third child after son, Ollie, 10, whom she shared with her late husband Greg Lange and Evie, three, with Chris.
WATCH: Carrie's adorable pregnancy announcement video below.

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