"My weight loss was almost accidental!" Julie Goodwin gets REAL about dropping more than 20kg

The older I get, the less I care about what people think!

By Paul Ewart
In 2015, MasterChef alum Julie Goodwin made headlines when she revealed a dramatic 20kg weightloss - something she attributed to having happened "by accident".
Now, in an exclusive interview with Good Health, Julie, who turns 48 at the end of this year, reveals intimate details about how her rollercoaster relationship with her body has lead to now living her happiest, healthiest life yet - and all on her own terms.
"Everyone I knew back then wanted to lose weight − even the skinny girls," she tells us.
"When I look back at myself as a teenager, I realise what a warped view I had. Believing I needed to look different and wasting those years stressing about stuff."
Julie says that she NEVER diets and that her 20kg-plus weightloss was 'accidental'.
Mum-of-three Julie says that her healthy mindset is a testament to her age, confessing that she's feeling fitter and more fabulous than she did more than a decade ago.
"I'm healthier and fitter now than I was when I turned 40, and I was probably healthier when I turned 40 than I was when I was 30," she reveals.
Julie says,"The older I get, the less I care about what people think!"
However, this wasn't always the case, which is why Julie is adamant about not being a postergirl for weightloss.
"I had to overcome [my negative relationship with my body] from my adolescence and all my young adulthood, believing I should be something different to what I actually am," she says.
"I think a big part of being healthy is being happy. You need to be happy in yourself and to do that you need to realise there are just some things about us that aren't changeable."
"That is just not me. I don't want to join the millions of voices who say you should try to be different to the way you are. My weight loss was almost accidental, so I really shouldn't be held up as any kind of an example."
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