10 celebrity feminism quotes that keep the woman-fire inside us burning bright

Strength in spades.

By Lauren Hensby
Women: we're magnificent creatures, aren't we? We're capable of achieving so much, in so little time. For example: we go to work, we balance social lives and exercise, and, in only 9 months, we can (and will) build another fully functioning human; eyes, ears and mouths. Which brings us to ask, why are we not treated as equally valuable as our male counterparts? Hello… We made you.
Recent socio-political movements have seen strong and passionate women take a stand against the crimes made against them (looking ta you, Ashley Judd).
While #MeToo is urging women to stand up, speak out and support one another, the equal pay campaign aims to set a balanced standard every individual in the workplace deserves. And today, on International Women's Day, we can see that the wheels are well and truly in motion for equal rights to move forward. But the fight is far from over…
OK, so let's make a pact. Let's build our strength for those tiny humans we love and nurture into the world, and continue to break the deafening glass ceiling when it comes to how women deserve to be treated and paid.
Need some quote-spiration to get you started on righting the world's wrongs in your own way? These celebrities have you covered…